DIY metal extruder

created by Łukasz Jakóbiec date: 11/05/2015

Łukasz Jakóbiec 11/05/2015 DIY metal extruder

This is my photo story showing the creation of my metal extruder from ground up excluding heating ceramic insert and stainless insert.

clearing the face of the aluminium bar

making cuts for the radiator
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taping filament hole for stainless insert
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After the radiator has been done i moved forward to brass nozzle. I've cut it from 25mm brass round stock. Nozzle is taped for stainless steel insert connecting it to aluminium radiator shown above. Nozzle has 0.35mm hole.

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For heating 12V 40W ceramic cardrige is used. Additional aluminium block with 12mm hole is used to grip nozzle and heating element together. 

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Next to heating element is a hole for thermistor to measure temperature as close to the nozzle as possible. Heating block is insulated from aluminium radiator with ceramic instert capable of handling temperatures up to 1100C.

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Extruder uses bowden mount for 4mm outer diameter PTFE tube.

Nozzle is at 180C and it is possible to hold it with bare fingers after 5 minutes of heating

First run with PLA 1.75mm filament. It works and pushing PLA with fingers is possible! Extrusion looks great :)