HP NC6400 whitelist removal

created by date: 24/06/2011

24/06/2011 HP NC6400 whitelist removal

Getting nc6400 i was quite disappionted with b/g wireless card. It was even more dissapointing when i discovered that HP employs hardware whitelisting. 

Putting wireless N card inside you will get "104-Unsupported wireless network device detected. System Halted. Remove device and restart." 

Digging into google you will get a lot of "unable", "unsupported", "too complicated" results. But searching for BIOS middification can get you where you need to be. So everyone looking for a way to change wireless card in HP NC6400 check out the mydigitallife.info forum.

Or you can choose from download at the right side. Many thanks to TTAV134 for this mod!