New toy – ModuBra!nz controller

created by date: 15/12/2010

15/12/2010 New toy – ModuBra!nz controller

This design is intended for more powerful robots. I need this to interact with NokiBot. But have experimented with VaioBot and prove that ModuBra!nz is very capable controller. It features:

  • I2C at TTL and LVTLL levels (5V & 3.3V)
  • SPI at LVTTL
  • integrated footprint for Nordic nRF2401 RF-24G Transceiver
  • Modular dual H-Bridge (4A & 8A)
  • 8 Outputs for RC Servos with power cut off
  • 8 ADC Inputs
  • connector for Serial / Bluetooth / RS485
  • Integrated USB for Bootloader and communication
  • Encoder inputs

Also with ModuBra!nz there are libraries for BASCOM for interacting with nRF2401, Encoders, Vector V2Xe Compass, I2C Sonar etc. all put together as a project framework.